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What is Da Vinci Surgery?

Da Vinci surgery is the latest in cutting-edge robotic-assisted surgical technology. With the da Vinci Surgical System, surgeons operate through just a few small incisions. A magnified 3D high-definition vision system and tiny wristed instruments that bend and rotate far greater than the human wrist allow the surgeon to operate with enhanced vision, precision, dexterity and control. Learn more about how we use this technique for our patients here at Flagstaff Surgical.

How can I get Tested for Allergies?

Allergies can come in many forms– whether it’s from pollen, molds, dust mites, animals or other environmental allergens. We test for allergies using the Modified Quantitative method to diagnose and treat our patients. Learn more about how we can help you if you’re suffering from allergies or asthma.


  • "Dr. Badger was very pleasant, knowledgable, factual, and to the point. I have every confidence in his diagnosis." (December 2017)


  • "Dr. Berger was very clear and concise on the plan for treatment." (December 2017)


  • "Dr. Aldridge made me feel very comfortable and explained what was needed so I could understand it." (October 2017)


  • "Dr. Rumohr discussed the difficulties and challenges that I have after female urethraplasty surgery. He was very encouraging and reassuring. It changed my outlook on my progress, and I feel more positive about where I am at in healing." (November 2017)


  • "Dr. Rumohr - what a pleasant, smart man. I felt like I was his only patient that day! His staff is wonderful. They represent the doctor and the office in a most professional and caring way. Exceeded my expectations." (December 2017)


  • "Dr. Aldridge was very professional and I appreciated his treatment and concern." (October 2017)


  • "Dr. Wesche was absolutely wonderful to me! He was very sensitive, gentle, professional, kind, supportive, and complete with his care he gave to me. THANK YOU!!"(August 2017)


  • "Dr. Kate Preston was very kind. She made me feel better when I was not sure what to do. She is an excellent doctor. I can tell she really enjoys being a doctor. She will go far." (December 2017)


  • "Dr. Preston was very courteous and listened to and answered all of my questions." (December 2017)


  • "Dr. Berger was very thorough in his explanation and took the stress off my mind. I will always go to him when I need peace of mind." -November 2017


  • "Dr. Tritle treats every patient as if they are his only. He is always available to listen and explain matters. He listens to his colleagues as well and is a genuinely kind and caring person. Anyone who has received his loving care in any capacity knows what a special physician he is."  (March 2017)


  • "Dr. Berger is very upfront & informative to his patients. He is always kind and informative and listens to the nursing staff as well. His kindness, willingness to listen & his skills as a surgeon are truly valuable & help create the environment I applaud." (March 2017)


  • "I appreciated the time that Dr. Preston spent with me to ensure my needs were met. I am a worrier and she helped assure me that I have the care that I need, both mentally and physically. I would highly recommend Dr. Kate Preston to anyone looking for a caring doctor." (Sept 6, 2016)


  • "Dr. Coates come over and his positivity and over all calmness took over. He was making me laugh and he took all my anxiety and worries away!"  (March 2017)


  • "Dr. Aldridge made me feel completely confident that everything would be handled."  (Aug 5, 2016)


  • "Dr. Rumohr  listened and spent time speaking about my concerns, which is rare these days in my experience, and valued." (Aug 23, 2016)


  • "I have been a patient at Flagstaff Surgical multiple times. Dr. Badger is by far the most exceptional person I have the pleasure to meet." (March 2017)


  • "I may be able to hear again thanks to the good Dr. Coffman!"  (Sept 27, 2016)


  • "Dr. Wesche met and exceeded my expectations and was friendly, I was not nervous or unsettled about the visit, but was comfortable through the whole process!" (2016)



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