Tips on Living with Allergies in Flagstaff

Tips on Living with Allergies in Flagstaff

My name is Lindsey Forstie. I am a nurse practitioner Flagstaff Surgical and I specialize in ENT, allergies and asthma. I get a lot of questions about allergies and Flagstaff has a unique climate that can make allergy control difficult. I would like to try and help those of you suffering with allergies! I will be posting some common questions I get from patients.

This time of year can be hard on your nose! Nasal congestion is a common complaint for this time of year in Flagstaff. People ask me, “The pollen count is low, I have no allergen exposure at home, so why is my nose so congested?” This can be a result of our dry climate and not an allergy at all. We live at a very high elevation, which can dry out the nasal passages. The cold weather and lack of moisture causes even more dryness, and add the wood burning stoves we love. That rule about drinking one liter of water per day? Someone who lives at sea level, and probably on the ocean came up with that rule. In Flagstaff, you should be drinking at least two liters of water a day! Dry noses are congested noses. There are many products available to help this problem. A humidifier at night, nasal saline rinse, and nasal spray gels can all help. Remember, a dry nose is a congested nose!

Enjoy your week!

Lindsey Forstie, NP
Flagstaff Surgical Associates

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