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A vasectomy is a safe, successful, and cost-effective option for men who wish to take control of their fertility permanently. If you’re considering the advantages of undergoing a vasectomy, the highly experienced doctors at Flagstaff Surgical Associates in Flagstaff, Arizona, can help. They are experts in using the least invasive, most up-to-date techniques designed to minimize discomfort and maximize sterility when carrying out vasectomies. Call Flagstaff Surgical Associates today to find out more or make an appointment online.

Vasectomy Q & A

What is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is an outpatient operation for sterilizing men who don’t want to have children, or who feel their family is large enough.

Female sterilization, although far less invasive than it used to be, is still a significant procedure for a woman to experience. Vasectomy is a straightforward procedure that’s much simpler than female sterilization and presents a lower risk of complications.

How is a vasectomy carried out?

Your surgeon at Flagstaff Surgical Associates uses local anesthesia to numb your scrotal area when they carry out your vasectomy. 

Once the anesthetic takes effect, your surgeon feels for the vas deferens under the skin of your scrotum. The vas deferens is the tube that carries sperm out of your testicles when you ejaculate.

After locating the vas deferens, your surgeon uses a special surgical instrument to make a tiny hole in your skin. They stretch the hole to gain access to the vas deferens in order to cut and tie the tube at either end. Although it might sound alarming, you won’t feel any pain during this process.

Tying each end of the vas deferens prevents sperm from exiting your testicles when you ejaculate. You still produce semen, and it won’t look any different. However, the semen doesn’t have any sperm in it, so you won’t be able to fertilize your partner’s egg.

How long does it take to recover after a vasectomy?

It only takes a few days to recover after a vasectomy. The procedure itself is painless, as your testicles are numb. You might be aware of a slight pulling or tugging sensation during the surgery, but little else.

When you leave Flagstaff Surgical Associates, the anesthetic starts to wear off, and you might feel some discomfort at this point. You might also have some swelling and bruising, but this should only be mild.

Over-the-counter pain medication controls any discomfort effectively, and you can use an ice pack to reduce swelling.

After three days, all the discomfort and swelling disappears, and you can get back to normal. You need to remember that there could be sperm present that was already beyond the vas deferens, so continue to take precautions when you first start having sex again.

How effective is a vasectomy?

Vasectomies are extremely effective; in fact, they’re the most effective form of birth control other than abstinence. However, no birth control method has a 100% guarantee. 

In a few men, sperm might be able to cross the gap between the ends of the vas deferens and enter the semen. This is very uncommon, and vasectomies have a notably low failure rate.

After having a vasectomy, you need to provide semen samples at certain intervals, so Flagstaff Surgical Associates can make sure there aren’t any sperm finding a way through the vas deferens.

To find out more about having a vasectomy, call Flagstaff Surgical Associates today, or schedule a consultation using the online booking form.

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